ProductHunt Ottawa

Join us for an epic evening of food and drinks, networking,
and demos from the top products in Ottawa.



Meet and connect with other Product Hunters, enthusiasts, investors, and entrepreneurs in Ottawa.

Discover new products

Learn and listen to startup stories, participate in AMAs, discover what new products are being built in the city.

Get feedback on your product

If you’ve got your own product, Product Hunt Ottawa meetups are a great way to gain exposure and feedback.


ProductHunt is becoming a phenomenon in the tech world and the best destination for product discovery. Naturally, the community of ProductHunters and enthusiasts is growing in Ottawa, so why not get together? Every 6-8 weeks, a ProductHunt meetup is hosted in Ottawa where innovations from within and around the city are featured.

Join our Meetup group or follow us on Twitter to get notified about the next meetup.

Get notified about the next event by
joining our Meetup group or following us on Twitter.


We aim to gather makers in the city to talk about the challenges of shipping a product and just have fun geeking out about products we find interesting. Each meetup showcases different speakers and products so you’ll always be discovering, see below for the special guests at the latest meetups.

Mass Fidelity
Mass Fidelity
Tattoo Hero
Tattoo Hero

“Speaking at ProductHunt Ottawa was amazing for Travelabulous. We got to practice our pitch in front of a friendly crowd of makers, who asked tough questions in a kind way, and provided super-useful feedback. We got a bunch of invite requests to our alpha, AND even had a potential investor/advisor reach out to us afterwards! All that to say: totally awesome, and totally worth it. Thanks #PHott!” – Masha and Kirk, Travelabulous

Who’s behind all of this?

Heruka Kumararatne

Heruka Kumararatne


A qualifying Chartered Professional Accountant at KPMG with an abiding passion for Entrepreneurship. I love strategic analysis, theoretical physics and DJing.

Diana Koleserova

Diana Koleserova


Marketing manager, designer, photographer, and creative. Working with brands and communities.

Chrissy Bridges

Chrissy Bridges


Creative Director at MindBridge Ai | Co-Organizer at CreativeMornings Ottawa | Crafting queen | Volunteer cat cuddler


We hope to make each meetup fun, engaging, and ultimately a place to learn from and connect with other product folks in the city. From food/drinks to giveaways and venues, we appreciate any and all support from sponsors – we couldn’t do this without you!

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Got more questions?

What's ProductHunt?
Taken straight from their website, “ProductHunt surfaces the best new products, every day. It’s a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations”. Check out ProductHunt to learn more.
How can I RSVP to the next meetup?
To get notified about and/or RSVP to Product Hunt Ottawa meetups, join us on our official Meetup page. You can also follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date.
Who should attend the meetups?
The Product Hunt Ottawa Meetup is an event for not only Product Hunters, but also marketers, social media mavericks, growth hackers, data ninjas, entrepreneurs, and those who just want to learn a thing or two about some really cool local products.
How much does it cost to attend a meetup?
It’s absolutely free, thanks to our wonderful sponsors 🙂
When are the meetups?
The meetups are approximately 6-8 weeks a part. Be sure to follow us on our official Meetup page to get notified when the next meetup is scheduled.
Where are the meetups held?
We don’t always stick to one spot but for the most part, our meetups are held in (or near) downtown Ottawa. If you’re interested in hosting a Product Hunt Ottawa Meetup at your space, let us know by emailing us at – we’re always looking for new places!
How can I stay in the loop?
Join us on our official Meetup page or follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date with everything Product Hunt Ottawa.
I want to be a speaker! Where do I sign up / learn more?
Awesome! If you’d like to apply to be a speaker, give us a shout via email: Please include the startup and/or product you will be presenting. We’re excited to hear from you 🙂
How can I be a sponsor?
If you’re interested in sponsoring a Product Hunt Ottawa Meetup, please get in touch via email: Thanks very much for your support, we couldn’t do it without you!
How can I help out?
Thanks for your support! We’re always looking for people to join our team so if you’re interested in helping out, please contact us via email: *We’re currently looking for Community Outreach volunteers to help spread the word and find speakers and sponsors.

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